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Mac OS X Lion Upgrade PHP Extensions Tutorial: ImageMagick and More.

After upgrading my Mac OS X Snow Leopard to Mac OS X Lion, I noticed that some of my PHP extensions that I had compiled to work with the Apple PHP 5.3.6 binary had been removed. Some, not all. Which I assume is due to them having been compiled 4-way binary compatible (PowerPC and i386/x86_64). […]

Snow Leopard PHP and IMAP Support

Seeing as how the stock Apple Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard PHP 5.3 doesn’t come with IMAP extension support, I realized it was time to add it in to build a tool to extract data from my gmail account emails. Here is the steps I took to get it installed and working. Step 1: […]

Open To Suggestions For Snow Leopard PHP Tutorials.

I am open to suggestions for Snow Leopard PHP tutorials. Either installing more extension, or help with PHP in general. Let me know and I will help as best I can. I’m also able to help with JavaScript, jQuery, XML, JSON, and MySQL.

Snow Leopard PHP Extensions Installation Tutorial

This will help you to setup imagick, magicwand, xdebug, mcrypt and memcached for Snow Leopard’s bundled PHP 5.3.0. Please do expect the installation of ImageMagick to take a bit of time, as it requires a large number of packages. I’m doing it all my preferred way. If you have another way that is faster or […]