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MagickWand and Imagick for PHP Installed and Working on MacBook

Compile ImageMagick From Source Fix for LibJPEG not wanting to install for Mac OS X x86_64 Compile Apache/MySQL/PHP for Mac OS X Leopard These above mentioned links helped me to configure, compile, and get MagickWand and Imagick PHP extensions to compile correctly for Entropy PHP on Mac OS X on my Intel Core 2 Duo […]

ImageMagick == Installed (But limited PHP Extention Support)

I have ImageMagick installed on both my MacBook and Mac mini. Oddly enough I was only able to get imagick (pecl) to install and run correctly as an extension to PHP on the Mac mini.  Odd, very odd, as the Mac mini is only my backup system. ImageMagick works prefectly from the terminal command line […]

MySQL for Mac OS X Leopard PowerPC

After installing Entropy PHP for my Mac mini running Leopard with a PowerPC chip, I then installed MySQL 5.0.51. Executed MySQL from the command line in Terminal, and then Terminal become unstable and unhappy with me. Without notice I realized I installed the x86 binary version, and it caused a bit of trouble with illegal […]