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Mac OS X Lion and MySQL Startup

After installing Mac OS X Lion and updated my PHP extensions, as well as installing the newest MySQL, I found that when I tried to use MySQL, it wasn’t working. Seems that MySQL wouldn’t start up do to owner settings. MySQL was previously installed in Snow Leopard with file ownership set to mysql:wheel, which worked […]

Open To Suggestions For Snow Leopard PHP Tutorials.

I am open to suggestions for Snow Leopard PHP tutorials. Either installing more extension, or help with PHP in general. Let me know and I will help as best I can. I’m also able to help with JavaScript, jQuery, XML, JSON, and MySQL.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard, PHP, MySQL, SVN, Xcode, and Me…

With minimal effort, I was able to get the PHP bundled with Snow Leopard to use the PHP extensions that I had compiled for xdebug, imagick, and magickwand to run in 64bit mode. Snow Leopard comes bundled with Apache 2.2.11, PHP 5.3.0, and SVN 1.6.2. I upgraded my MySQL install from 5.0.77 to 5.1.37 and […]

Found A Job. No Longer For Hire As A Freelancer.

I finally got a job as a PHP/MySQL Web Developer, in Sunny Florida. I am no longer seeking employment as I was able to find a job. Without the use of a third party recruiter. This was all from inhouse contacts and not from people asking for more information about me than is required for […]