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PHP Job Search == Current

I am still currently looking for a decent paying PHP/MySQL programming and web design job. With the ability and willingness to relocate to almost anywhere, though I would prefer Southern Florida. I have 2 recent interviews which are pending, so I don’t know the status on them yet. I have yet to get a call […]

Flying to Miami.

On the plane to Miami for the job interview later today. Hope all goes well, as I am both excited and generally nervous as this is a great opportunity I don’t want to lose. More news later after the interview, as the hotel has wifi and I brought the MacBook with for the one night […]

PHP Job Interview

Job interview for a PHP developer in 20 minutes. Not sure if I will get the job, but if I don’t I hope less recruiters call me. As I don’t want to be bothered with job offers I won’t get. It wastes my time more than I want it to. Also, I wish people would […]