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Found A Job. No Longer For Hire As A Freelancer.

I finally got a job as a PHP/MySQL Web Developer, in Sunny Florida. I am no longer seeking employment as I was able to find a job. Without the use of a third party recruiter. This was all from inhouse contacts and not from people asking for more information about me than is required for […]

Expression Engine = Work For Me

Began working for a Grand Rapids firm to modify extensions in Expression Engine. I’ve been helping to modify existing code and to convert so javascript to jQuery. Hopefully work stays current and often. As I really enjoy the work and the fact I’m no longer jobless. Doing all this as a freelancer from the basement […]


I really need to get a PHP/MySQL developer job soon. Bills aren’t getting any smaller, yet job recruiters aren’t finding me any real job. Most of the time, these recruiters only give false promises of how well I’m a fit for the job, when in fact, they don’t have a clue. These job recruiters need […]

PHP Test From Job Recruiter Today.

This is the text I got from a job recruiter today, to make a PHP script to do as they required for a possible job.  Mind you, if you submit the php test to me, and don’t include any NDA, I will most likely post the test, and my results on the internet. Write a […]