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Snow Leopard PHP and IMAP Support

Seeing as how the stock Apple Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard PHP 5.3 doesn’t come with IMAP extension support, I realized it was time to add it in to build a tool to extract data from my gmail account emails. Here is the steps I took to get it installed and working. Step 1: […]

Mac OS X Snow Leopard, PHP, MySQL, SVN, Xcode, and Me…

With minimal effort, I was able to get the PHP bundled with Snow Leopard to use the PHP extensions that I had compiled for xdebug, imagick, and magickwand to run in 64bit mode. Snow Leopard comes bundled with Apache 2.2.11, PHP 5.3.0, and SVN 1.6.2. I upgraded my MySQL install from 5.0.77 to 5.1.37 and […]

4 Books to Learn Programming on the Mac.

Learn C on the Mac [ISBN10: 1-4302-1809-6] Own 1 copy, reading first. Learn Objective-C on the Mac [ISBN10: 1-4302-1815-0] Own 1 copy. Learn Cocoa on the Mac [ISBN10: 1-4302-1859-2] Pre-ordered 1 copy. Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK [ISBN10: 1-4302-1626-3] Own 1 copy. These are the books I’ll be reading to get myself firmly […]

VirtualHostX = Fastest Software Support Known To Man.

I used to use a virtualhost.sh script file to create virtual hosts on my Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger installation. Then when I got my MacBook, I purchased 10.5 Leopard and installed it.  At about the same time, I found a program to assist with configuring all the virtual hosts for Apache, called VirtualHostX for […]