ReformatCode Project on GitHub


I have added an open source project to the GitHub.  The project, ReformatCode currently only supports reformatting JSON data to human readable format.  Though I hope in the future it can be extended to support CSS indentation structuring with intelligent parent – child relationship styles.   Formatting CSS can be a little complex if you want it to really show properly how the CSS works with other classes and what is a sub element or sub class of another.  So that would be a possible and welcome addition to the code base in the future if effort is put into it.


ReformatCode Project via GitHub


Passing either a JSON object or string, will reformat the JSON to a human readable level.
Second param (optional) is an object of settings to override defaults.


ReformatCode.formatJSON({"key": {"sub_key": "sub_value"}}, {"indent": "spaces", "debug": true, "newline": "\r"});


{"key": {"sub_key": "sub_value"}


    "key": {
        "sub_key": "sub_value"
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I bought an Apple iPad on Release Day!

I bought an Apple iPad on release day.  I love it, but I wish more of the iPhone apps that I use on a regular basis were updated to work natively on the iPad large screen without having to upscale the app size.

I do love the ABC video player app, and the speed of the system.  Very responsive.  Love it so much.  It is the WiFi model, but I do intend to get a WiFi + 3G model later.  One for development and one for regular daily use.

Just wish I could find the Apress books in the iBookstore.  Even though I have the printed edition and the eBook editions from Apress, I still would like to be able to have an iBookstore version I could read on the iPad without having to load the PDF file from the MacBook to it.

The model I purchased was the 32GB unit, as the Best Buy store I was at was already out of the 64GB units at the time I had arrived in the line.  Purchasing this iPad kept me from buying a Nintendo Wii for the time being.

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Finished Reading the Apress Beginning iPhone 3 Development Book.

Finished reading the 500+ page Apress book, Beginning iPhone 3 Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK.  As I have all other books released by Apress on developing for the iPhone, I’ll continue reading more of the books I have.  When I get an iPad, I’ll be sure to buy some of the books by Apress on the iPad.

I also have the More iPhone 3 Development book by Apress.  Which I will read after I finish some of the shorter 200+ page books that I’ve also ordered from Apress on Amazon.  No Kindle for me though.  I do have the eBooks in PDF form from Apress and the printed copies of all the books from the Amazon store.  Just wish the iPad would be released sooner, so I can begin reading the books on it while I’m developing apps for it at the same time.  I do plan to get 2 iPads.  One for development, and one for regular daily use.

If I get time, I’ll include more tutorials on Apple Snow Leopard PHP extensions, as I’ve been asked in the different comments.  Though I’ve been spending most of my time writing software ideas and studying for the iPhone OS.

3 books down, many more to go.

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Apple iPad and the Need to Buy One

I will pre-order an Apple iPad the day they are available for pre-sale, or regular order on the day if they are immediately available for purchase.  I am thinking about getting the WiFi model first to use for development, and then later getting the WiFi + 3G model for everyday use.

I’ve already begun switching over to the iPad beta SDK environment while I study all the Cocoa Touch and Objective-C 2.0 reading and testing.  Though it be nice to be able to test on the production device, as it would be more entertaining.

Need to upgrade/replace my MacBook 13″ sometime soon too.  Would be nice to get a 27″ iMac with a second 27″ external display, or get a Mac Pro with 3 external monitors.  Need more screen space for programming and software development.  13″ MacBook screen and external 19″ screen doesn’t give enough space for development.  The iPad screen for the development simulator is too large to fit on the MacBook 13″ screen at full resolution.

So, it looks like the iPad device will cause me to want to purchase 2 or 3 more additional Apple products.  Apple sure knows how to sell to me.

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