Sometimes a misplaced } can be lost for 2 days.

While trying to make a php file that will be cron processed daily to read some CSV files, I decided to merge all csv file information into a database and control it all in one php file instead of one php file per CSV. After getting things working, I accidentally placed a while / do loop ending “}” in the wrong location and didn’t realize that it was the problem for 2 days. The database connection was being closed and the information was no longer being inserted into the database, all because of one misplaced “}”.

Now that I found the problem, fixed it, and uploaded the new code now I can include more CSV files in about 5 minutes instead of 2 hours or more.

I just wish all the companies sending the CSV files for the client would stick to the same format instead of being completely and utterly different from company to company. No structure means I have to have unneeded troubles trying to keep everything sane and sanity in the database.

If I were Google, they would listen to me and send the data in one uniform format. Alas, I am just me, so they do as they please.

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