ServerBeach == Worthless

Do not use Server Beach as a hosting service company.  Their system, from start to day 2 has been hell.  Trying to get everything setup is a hassle, I get forced to login to the plesk system almost everytime I do something, and their PHP setup is out of date.

Trying to setup emails took me 30 minutes, for just 10 emails, should have taken less than 10 minutes. And trying to insert the database, you don’t even want to know the hassles I had to go through.

And their website sucks so much, they can’t afford a better CSS designer or what?  Greedy bastards.  They need to make their site better, and their servers handle logins better.

If you want good service and a great hosting company, pick Media Temple instead.  Never once have I had any trouble with them.  It’s always worked for me.  But this shitty ServerBeach, hell, total, and utter HELL.

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