Some people’s children…

I believe in chaos and disorder in live, as it’s the best thing for humanity, but coding… that’s another story altogether.

I believe that people who create something that will be used for clients to control data in the back-end of their website should have some control and structural formatting of how the clients and website interact. Also, the code and integration of all parts used be beautified, and well organized. Make it user friendly at all costs, and simplify everything if it helps the client.

Lazy programmers who leave all their code left justified with little to no tabbing or outline spacing in the code make me unhappy. If programmers in a team are lazy, it puts more of a burden on the programmers in the team that are productive and proud of their work. Lazy programmers should have their typing fingers broke so they will have to find another field of work that doesn’t include annoying the productive and more code/client friendly designs.

And page titles belong in the header, not in the body tags. Sometimes it’s better and far more enlightening to work alone than it is to work with lazy programmers who create tragic code laced with mislabeled directories and sadly designed structures.

Mind you, I love to code and make the code good the first time, and then modify it until it becomes perfect. All while making it faster and easier to maintain and understand for all people involved. Though when I have to put effort into something in a team, and the team is full of people who expect you to use something that is full of design flaws and user-unfriendly to the extremes, it makes me want to tell that teammate to find a job more suited for them, like asking for change in a gas station parking lot in Florida, 15 feet from the road. (New law passed making it illegal in some areas in Florida to panhandle in the streets.)

Coding in any language is an art, but when you don’t make it artistic, you just make it into finger painting in kindergarten that 5 or 6 year old child could do by reading a few tutorials online. If you don’t progress forward and keep your code artistic, your code will become trash that mommy and daddy will rip off the fridge and toss in the trash the moment you walk out of the kitchen.

Come on people, code with spirit and grace, with at least a little bit of pride. You know you can.

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