Google Chrome = More Cross Browser Testing For Me

Even though Google Chrome is out and just for Microsoft Windows at the moment, that doesn’t mean it won’t be a big thing.  When the numbers hit they will eventually make the program for Mac and Linux.  Thus, making it more of a task to make websites cross-browser friendly with one more in the mix.

I expect Google will make it use CSS accordingly, and not messed up like Internet Explorer does. As Internet Explorer is the worst, and the most difficult to make websites display correctly.

Now that IE8 is coming in the near future, it would be nice if Microsoft would make IE8 more streamlined and use better CSS so that all the CSS hacks aren’t needed anymore. One thing I don’t like about Internet Explorer on Windows, is how the fonts display. I generally use a Mac, and my fonts look nice, but when I see pages I make on IE, I notice the fonts look jagged, because IE doesn’t support by default the anti-alias font rendering.

I expect Google Chrome to exceed where IE fails, and hopefully they will provide a Mac version soon so that I can test out my current website designs with it.

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