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ReformatCode Project on GitHub

About: I have added an open source project to the GitHub.  The project, ReformatCode currently only supports reformatting JSON data to human readable format.  Though I hope in the future it can be extended to support CSS indentation structuring with intelligent parent – child relationship styles.   Formatting CSS can be a little complex if you […]

I bought an Apple iPad on Release Day!

I bought an Apple iPad on release day.  I love it, but I wish more of the iPhone apps that I use on a regular basis were updated to work natively on the iPad large screen without having to upscale the app size. I do love the ABC video player app, and the speed of […]

Finished Reading the Apress Beginning iPhone 3 Development Book.

Finished reading the 500+ page Apress book, Beginning iPhone 3 Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK.  As I have all other books released by Apress on developing for the iPhone, I’ll continue reading more of the books I have.  When I get an iPad, I’ll be sure to buy some of the books by Apress on […]

Apple iPad and the Need to Buy One

I will pre-order an Apple iPad the day they are available for pre-sale, or regular order on the day if they are immediately available for purchase.  I am thinking about getting the WiFi model first to use for development, and then later getting the WiFi + 3G model for everyday use. I’ve already begun switching […]