I bought an Apple iPad on Release Day!

By Xeon Xai  

I bought an Apple iPad on release day.  I love it, but I wish more of the iPhone apps that I use on a regular basis were updated to work natively on the iPad large screen without having to upscale the app size.

I do love the ABC video player app, and the speed of the system.  Very responsive.  Love it so much.  It is the WiFi model, but I do intend to get a WiFi + 3G model later.  One for development and one for regular daily use.

Just wish I could find the Apress books in the iBookstore.  Even though I have the printed edition and the eBook editions from Apress, I still would like to be able to have an iBookstore version I could read on the iPad without having to load the PDF file from the MacBook to it.

The model I purchased was the 32GB unit, as the Best Buy store I was at was already out of the 64GB units at the time I had arrived in the line.  Purchasing this iPad kept me from buying a Nintendo Wii for the time being.

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