Finished Reading the Apress Beginning iPhone 3 Development Book.

By Xeon Xai  

Finished reading the 500+ page Apress book, Beginning iPhone 3 Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK.  As I have all other books released by Apress on developing for the iPhone, I’ll continue reading more of the books I have.  When I get an iPad, I’ll be sure to buy some of the books by Apress on the iPad.

I also have the More iPhone 3 Development book by Apress.  Which I will read after I finish some of the shorter 200+ page books that I’ve also ordered from Apress on Amazon.  No Kindle for me though.  I do have the eBooks in PDF form from Apress and the printed copies of all the books from the Amazon store.  Just wish the iPad would be released sooner, so I can begin reading the books on it while I’m developing apps for it at the same time.  I do plan to get 2 iPads.  One for development, and one for regular daily use.

If I get time, I’ll include more tutorials on Apple Snow Leopard PHP extensions, as I’ve been asked in the different comments.  Though I’ve been spending most of my time writing software ideas and studying for the iPhone OS.

3 books down, many more to go.

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Finished Reading the Apress Beginning iPhone 3 Development Book., 3.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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