4 Books to Learn Programming on the Mac.

By Xeon Xai  

Learn C on the Mac
[ISBN10: 1-4302-1809-6]
Own 1 copy, reading first.

Learn Objective-C on the Mac
[ISBN10: 1-4302-1815-0]
Own 1 copy.

Learn Cocoa on the Mac
[ISBN10: 1-4302-1859-2]
Pre-ordered 1 copy.

Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK
[ISBN10: 1-4302-1626-3]
Own 1 copy.

These are the books I’ll be reading to get myself firmly involved into iPhone software development.  I have created 1 small application for the iPhone but won’t be releasing it into the AppStore until I can make it do more things.  There are a few game ideas I have in mind, but would require a larger physics engine to complete… along with the help of a few people to create sound samples, music, and of course some of the models for the games characters.

In a few months, I should have an app or 2 in the AppStore.  Until then, I’m going to study and build my knowledge of programming on the Mac.  As of current, I am well versed in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, RSS, CSS, XHTML. So learning C/C++, and Objective-C shouldn’t be to difficult for me.

I’ll keep the world posted as to my advancements.


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