By Xeon Xai  

I really need to get a PHP/MySQL developer job soon. Bills aren’t getting any smaller, yet job recruiters aren’t finding me any real job. Most of the time, these recruiters only give false promises of how well I’m a fit for the job, when in fact, they don’t have a clue.

These job recruiters need to stop calling me unless they read my resume from beginning to end first. I’m tired of them asking me for links to my past development work, when it’s all included in the resume. Or they like to ask for me to email them a current copy of my resume.  If they are calling me cause they are seeing my resume online, then they have my current copy.  When I make a change to it, I post it on all the major sites. So, when they find it, that is the most current copy. If the site doesn’t let them download a Word version copy of my resume, that’s not my fault.

I know that they want a Word document copy so that they can modify it and make simple or radical changes, some I’ve seen, and they make my resume look like shit when they send it back to me. If you don’t know how to use Microsoft Office, or type, don’t ask me for a copy of my resume, just give me the contact information of the person I need to speak to about the job directly, as you are NO help to me, or anyone.

When they ask me to do the PHP test on ProveIt, that annoys me, as it’s the same test with the same questions each time.  I always score high on this test, but even an idiot could score high with no knowledge of PHP, as these tests are multiple choice and don’t test anything with regards to design and development of PHP and MySQL.  Also, the ProveIt test doesn’t even ask anything about MySQL, just 36 multiple choice questions.

The job recruiters who speak broken English, calling me, asking me if I have the skills for a job, but can’t properly express the job skills required for the job, waste my time.

Also, the job recruiters who call, asking about job skills and requirements, who don’t understand anything about the job listing, and can’t answer any of my questions without saying “I’ll have the call the client and find out.” they waste my time even more, because they call back and forth, and takes to long and wastes too many of my AT&T rollover minutes on my iPhone bill.  I WAS SAVING THEM FOR TALKING TO MY WIFE YOU BASTARDS!!!!

Job recruiters have not once gotten me a job, nor do I believe they ever will. They don’t care about me, or anyone else they cold call. They only care about themselves and filling their quota for the day. One even prevented me from getting the job, by not responding to calls from me or the client, nor did she respond to emails. I spent money getting to the job interview, and got nothing out of it.

All in all, job recruiters suck ASS, and I am tired of them wasting my time. They need to prove to me they care and want to get me the job, as I don’t believe any of them, and haven’t believed many of them for many months, roughly for as long as I’ve been job hunting. Which has been for about 5 or 6 months now.

I still haven’t heard back from the job interview in Miami Beach, Florida. I really want that job, but anytime I’ve called to find out what the status is, I’m told someone will call me back later, but I never get a return call. It’s the only job interview I’ve had so far that hasn’t contacted me back, either by phone, email, or letter, to express the fact that I did, or didn’t get the job.  It’s been since the first week of September, nearly 2 months now, and nothing. I guess I didn’t get the job, but still, I was told I would get a call in one or two weeks following the interview to let me know if I got the job or not. Though, they still haven’t give me any form of notice.

No job, and just designing/developing site structures in my currently permanent free time, can be fun, but also draining, on my bills, bank account, and ability to buy food, gas, or make my car payment.

Need a job ASAP.

- Xeon

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