PHP Job Search == Current

By Xeon Xai  

I am still currently looking for a decent paying PHP/MySQL programming and web design job. With the ability and willingness to relocate to almost anywhere, though I would prefer Southern Florida.

I have 2 recent interviews which are pending, so I don’t know the status on them yet. I have yet to get a call from either of them to let me know if I have the job, or if I’m declined. One in Indiana, and the other in Miami Beach, Florida.

As for travel expenses to job interviews, I am now requiring that if the job interview must be done face to face, that the interviewer must pay for the expense, unless it is nearby. I’ve spent over $500 and gone more than 5000 miles to travel to many different job interviews. Most of it was out of pocket, and very expensive to say the least.  All within a 2 or 3 month time span.

I seriously need a PHP/MySQL job soon, and it must pay fair market value. I need to be able to afford my car payment, while also being able to pay for a place to live, and support my wife. This can’t be done on my current job of freelancing, as it rarely brings in any sort of funds. Everyday, wondering if I’ll make enough to get by during the current months ahead.

If anyone can help me get a job fast, that would be great. As I have also spent at least $200 on phone expenses to cover costs of talking to job recruiters and employers who inquire about my skills and abilities, yet not quite landing a job. I know I have the skills, but maybe they seem to be looking for someone who can fake that they have the skills, or they are willing to work for less. Whatever the case may be, if I don’t get a paying job soon, I’ll lose my car, I’ll starve, and I’ll be homeless (moreso than I already am.)

Everyday that passes, I learn more PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS, AJAX, and Unix. Sometimes I study Cocoa Touch and Objective-C for the iPhone. When I go rollerblading, I study Japanese from the Pimsleurs course on my iPhone. I spend more time studying than anything. Studying doesn’t keep me fed, it keeps me starving. A few times this year, I’ve had little to no food at all, for many days at a time, and sometimes, all weekend or all week long for a whole week straight.

I hate asking anyone for money or for help, I try my best to support myself, but without a decent paying job, it makes it harder and harder to get by. And as I write this, my stomach hates me, cause it’s empty and I can barely afford to eat. It’s usually, eat or put gas in the car.  Usually getting gas in the car wins, as without gas, I can’t drive to the office.

So, until I get a real paying job, doing something I enjoy doing, I may end up losing my car, and not having a means of supporting my wife, or myself.

Lastly, I refuse to fix people’s Microsoft Windows issues, as it’s not my problem, not my computer, and annoys me when people assume I can give them a direct answer as to the problem. I haven’t used Windows in years on my own computer systems.  I use MacOS X, Linux, and Unix systems.  I don’t have time to worry about why someone’s Windows isn’t working right, as it’s not my job, and not the direction I want to go in life. I’m a programmer, not a repair man.

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