Sonic The Hedgehog Styled Hangman

By Xeon Xai  

While being recruited for a possible job as a PHP developer, I was asked to take a test. The test was to create a hangman game according to specs in a word document.

Since a few days ago when I created it, I’ve made some modifications, emptied the words table they gave me, and inserted some Sonic the Hedgehog words into the table. Also, used some animated sprites of Sonic the Hedgehog to give it a nicer feel.

Seeing as how I didn’t want to make this test become just some random boring thing that meant nothing to me, I decided to spice it up, and put it online. So I’m giving away the source code for free.

Link: Sonic The Hedgehog Styled Hangman by Xeon Xai

Changes I made from the initial version:

  • Allows for word strings with spaces.
  • Uses graphics instead of ascii art.
  • Based the maximum level on overall rows in the words table.
  • Reduced redundancy in parts of the code.

Have fun with it.

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