MySQL for Mac OS X Leopard PowerPC

By Xeon Xai  

After installing Entropy PHP for my Mac mini running Leopard with a PowerPC chip, I then installed MySQL 5.0.51. Executed MySQL from the command line in Terminal, and then Terminal become unstable and unhappy with me. Without notice I realized I installed the x86 binary version, and it caused a bit of trouble with illegal exceptions, forcing me to have to reboot and install MySQL 5.0.51 Mac OS X 10.4 (PowerPC, 32-bit). Everything worked fine running the Tiger version of MySQL 5 for PowerPC.

Now all my databases and websites are safely stored on 2 Mac systems.

Maybe someday I’ll place the Mac mini in the basement of the office and make it a web server for some truly productive sites I might develop in the future. Even though that might bottleneck the whole office internet system since they use four cable modems load balanced together instead of using a T3 connection, or even better a pair of T3 connections.

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